Motorhome advice during covid-19

Hi all,
We have had enquiries regarding looking after your motorhome during this time. Here is our advice which we hope you find helpful…

Caring for your motorhome during the Covid-19 Lockdown will be much the same as over winterising. Although this is not an exhaustive list and not necessarily appropriate to every vehicle but it may be of some help.

– Empty the freshwater system This will avoid stagnation especially with the weather being warm.

– Drain and flush through wastewater system Including the water heater.

– Shut down the 12-volt control unit This will avoid battery drain.

– Isolate the engine battery if possible If not charge via the mains for 24 hours once a fortnight. Starting the vehicle every now and then has no benefit as the vehicle will take more charge from starting the engine than it will replace.

– Leave the fridge and freezer doors on vent This will reduce mildew and unpleasant smells.

– Remove any perishable food items These could attract vermin and cause damage inside your motorhome.

– Check tyre pressures if possible To ensure they are correctly inflated as this will reduce the risk of the tyre wall cracking whilst dormant.

– Leave window blinds open if possible This will maintain the tension of the blind.

– Leave roof lights on vent ONLY if in a secure storage area. This will allow fresh air circulation and will reduce mould build up on bedding and cushions.

– Remove cushions Taking inside your home would also be helpful if you have the space to do so, if not standing them on their side will help prevent mould build up under the base cushions.

We hope this message finds you safe & wellย โค๏ธ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ™

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