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Belted Seats in Motorhomes - The Law - Latest News - Todds Motorhomes

Belted Seats in Motorhomes - The Law

Belted Seats in Motorhomes - The Law

The legal requirements of belted seats in motorhomes is still a grey area and will remain so until it is tested in a court of law. Todds Motorhomes provide you with a guide to the current situation ..........


1. Where seatbelts are provided they must be worn.

2. The manufacturers do not have to provide sufficient seatbelts for the number of people that their van is designed to accommodate (i.e. a six berth van can have only two belted seats).

3. Where more belted seats are provided, in the dinette area for example, they must be used if there are more than two passengers.

4. Side facing seats should not be provided with seatbelts, particularly lap belts.


1.If a van is stopped by the police and they are of the opinion that the seating arrangements for the number of passengers being carried are inadequate and are likely to endanger other passengers or the stability of the van, then they may take action.

2.The law regarding young children travelling in any vehicle is very specific. They must be carried in an approved manner to a front facing seat provided with an approved seatbelt. Any airbags in the immediate vicinity must be disabled.


1.If a seatbelt is provided it must be worn.

2.Although its not illegal it is recommended that anyone travelling in a motorhome should wear a seatbelt.

3.The seating position of any unbelted person should take into account the reaction of that person to any sudden, unexpected change in direction or movement of the van.


1.If you are likely to regularly carry more than one passenger then you should purchase a motorhome with sufficient number of belted seats

2.At the end of the day were the law is concerned it comes down to the individual police officer. If he deems the driver of the vehicle to be carrying passengers in a dangerous or unsecure way he has the right to prosecute that individual.


* Auto-sleeper Nuevo ES - 4 belts - 4 berth

* Auto-sleeper Broadway EK HL - 4 belts - 4 berth

* Swift Fiat Escape 664 - 4 belts - 4 berth

* Swift Fiat Voyager Range - 4 belts - 4 berth

* Auto-Trail Fiat Apache 700 LL - 4 belts - 4 berth

* Auto-Trail Fiat Apache 725 HL - 4 belts - 4 berth

* Auto-Trail Fiat Scout LL - 4 belts - 4 berth

* Swift Fiat Escape 686 - 6 belts - 6 berth

* Swift Fiat Sundance 630L - 6 belts - 6 berth

Belted Seats in Motorhomes - The Law