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The 2017 Roller Team vehicles are the result of extensive technological research and development, which has led to the manufacture of functional,

high quality and reliable motorhomes. We are proud of our stylish interiors which convey our Italian heritage and our choice of materials which provide

a lightweight yet durable construction.

With favourable prices and innovative solutions, there is a wide range of options and layouts available this year to meet any holidaying requirements.

A motorhome is one of the most important purchase you can make. Aware of this, Roller Team offers reliability, safety and sturdiness - vehicles capable of withstanding time and all type of weather conditions, which are compliant to all international standards and which undergo quality controls and safety checks at each and every manufacturing stage and before delivery. Tests include: Gas system testing, electronic weighing, waterproof testing, aerodynamic wind tunnel testing and cold weather tests. In addition to this, Roller Team are the only Italian company to hold UNI EN ISO 9001 for Quality and UNI EN ISO 14001 for the Environment certification in the motorhome sector.