Malibu T 440 QB - 2019 Model.

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Malibu T 440 QB -

The T440 QB offers a spacious queen-size bed that can be pushed back during the day giving you free and convinient access to the wardrobes. When you pull the bed to go to sleep, you have a sleeping length of no less than 6.4 feet. 

There are two large wardrobes on either side, practical storage compartments on the sides and large drawers to the front of the bed.

Included on this model:

  • Chassis Pack
  • Comfort Pack
  • Upgraded heating
  • Malibu world of sleep set
  • Large Slim-Tec fridge/freezer with gas oven
  • 16" wheels upgrade
  • Removable carpets for living & cab areas


OTR Price: 65,495.00

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