Malibu T 410 DB - 2019 Model.

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Malibu T 410 DB -

Looking for something special? If so, a Malibu motorhome is just the job.

You get in, and feel the quality. The things that make the first impression become increasingly clear the more closely you insect them: so many well thought-out details, so much more of everything that makes your holiday. More functionality, more comfort, more security & more sense of well-being accompany you as standard on your travels in your Malibu motorhome. Guaranteed.

Included on this model:

  • Chassis Pack
  • Comfort Pack
  • Heating upgrade (gas/electric)
  • Large Slim-Tec fridge/freezer with gas oven
  • Removable carpets for living & cab areas
  • Malibu world of sleep set
  • 16" wheels upgrade


OTR Price: 63,000.00

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