Todds Motorhomes - Customer Feedback Comments: Please use the Customer Feedback form for all customer feedback and comments about Todds Motorhomes.

Todds Motorhomes - Customer Feedback Comments

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In 2006 we bought a new T5 VW Autosleeper Trident from Todd's. We had owned two VW motor caravans previously, a 1968 and a 1993 model, both new. We used them for summer camping in the French and Swiss mountain areas.

In March 2006 we visited Todd's showroom to look at a Trident and to discuss the purchase of one with their salesman. I was particularly keen that the vehicle should have an air conditioner, as we had AC retrofitted to the 1993 model and although it worked it was not very convenient. My wife was impressed with the very comfortable upholstery of the 2006 model and I liked the engine specification as our two previous models did not have the power needed for the Swiss mountain roads, so we placed an order.

Todd's salesman worked hard and got us a T5 VW Trident with air conditioning, a 2.5 litre TD engine, and free alloy wheels, with a delivery date to Todd's of 14th June. We collected the VW on the 17th and were delighted to find that it had beautiful beige bodywork, which has attracted admiration wherever we camp in it in France and Switzerland. We also got a good price for trading in our 1993 model.

Since then we have driven through France and Switzerland each summer, and we have had only two problems. After some years of use one of the small windows in the high top developed a crack and the window of the sliding door allowed a small rain leak (a well-known T5 problem). Both of these were soon put right at our convenience.

Todd's staff have always been helpful and friendly to us, and have dealt with the two problems professionally.

First rate service

We bought from Todds and travelled from East Yorkshire to do so. First rate service both before and after the purchase. They seem to give high regard to customer service. Roy

Customer Feedback

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Please use the Customer Feedback form for all customer feedback and comments about Todds Motorhomes.


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